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Heaven's Healing Pathway and How to Shake Off the Shackles of Emotional Pain, Trauma, and Sorrow and Go From Victim to Victor in 1 Week!

Are You TIRED OF...

Being a victim of your past or present? 

Tossing and turning at night trying to forgive and forget?

Being held back from your destiny because of crippling emotions like fear, anger, grief, bitterness and sorrow?

Are You READY to be SET FREE?

We created this 5 day (one hour per day) Pain to Praise Challenge JUST FOR YOU!

  • It Took Me Ten Years To Achieve What I Can Help You Do in One Week!


    • Getting up every morning excited to face the day instead of dreading it!

      Walking in peace, joy, love and hope instead of anger, fear and frustration!

      Sleeping peacefully at night rather than tossing and turning reliving old hurts and regrets!

    If you're a Christian woman who is ready to finally let go of all the emotional pain that has held you back and kept you from walking closely and joyously with God or kept you from living your destiny...then you need to join this 5 day FREE Challenge!

    It Doesn't Matter What the Source of Your Pain Is...

    You are a unique and beautiful child of God and...even if you don't feel it right now... you are loved with an Everlasting Love. It is God's great desire to heal you and have you step into joy.

    My story is below and it may be similar or very different than yours. But here's one of the many things I've learned...it doesn't matter what your circumstances are, how you got hurt, who hurt you and how hurt you are...the Love of God and Heaven's Healing Pathway can and will heal you when you are ready...

    So Why Delay? Why Not Start Now?

    "I Felt Abandoned By God...

    Because He Didn't Answer My Prayers for Help."

    Hello, my name is Leah and I have been where you are.

    I spent decades trapped in a bad marriage but feeling I couldn't leave because I'm a Christian. I put up with years of emotional abuse and difficulties beyond description because I felt I had to. And when I finally broke free after 25 years I found myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually sick

    Rage was my only emotion. Fear was my constant companion. I couldn't smile. I couldn't sing. I couldn't experience joy. I felt like a failure because I couldn't overcome this. I felt guilty because of all the anger that churned inside me. I felt abandoned by God because He didn't answer my prayers for help.

    I knew God was real because I had experienced Him many times, including the time He healed me from Epileplsy in the middle of a seizure on a small airplane high in the sky...but I couldn't understand why He wouldn't help me with my day to day life. I knew the Bible was full of promises but I somehow reached the crazy conclusion that God loved everyone else on the earth and not me. What other conclusion could I reach?

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    I Felt TRAPPED In A HOPELESS Situation.

    I tried all the human solutions like counselling, thinking positive thoughts, and Al-anon programs. (Of course also begging, whining, arguing, evaluating, negotiating, yelling and all the other emotional approaches as well!)

    I was on my knees for years crying out for help. I sought the advise of friends, family, pastors and "experts" but it all left me confused and feeling abandoned and alone.

    Because worldly solutions were always in opposition to my faith. And Christians, while well meaning, didn't understand what it was like living with an alcoholic and their kind suggestions of "just be more understanding" or "pray for your husband more" never even came close to helping me with my situation.

    In time, I shut out everyone, lost my faith, shut down my heart, and learned to just survive. There was no joy and no hope in my life. And even though somehow I was able to continue being a wife and mother and full time employee, I cried a million tears and lost my hopes, dreams, and any sense of who I was in the process.

    I Had Allowed Myself To Be Imprisoned and Had to Find a Way Out.

    When I finally broke free I remember just lying on the ground in a basement suite crying myself sick and beginning the slow journey back to wholeness. I was shocked at the intensity of my feelings and how hard it was to let things go.  To forgive. To forget. To be healed. To feel God's love. To feel WORTHY of LOVE. It was like climbing out of a deep dark pit by my fingernails, and so many times I felt myself sliding backwards and losing ground. I felt like a wounded animal and just wanted to hide...

    I had to reprogram my mind. I had to let go of patterns that were so ingrained in me they were like a second skin. I had to learn to feel the sun on my face and know it was good. I had to forgive many people including myself. Honestly...it was a long way back.

    God Gave Us the Tools We Needed to Heal...

    In the midst of all this turmoil I met a man I would later marry. And while he had an equally traumatic life and carried many scars, we turned to God wholeheartedly and learned how to heal together. Suddenly, we got amazing new insights into healing. We chose to go through everything together, sitting at His feet and listening. Healing that had taken me years started speeding up as I learned the forces behind the emotions that were crippling me.

    Things that I thought I would never forget suddenly were fading into insignificance. I learned to re-frame the people who had hurt me and even began to pray for them.

    I learned the amazing tools & KEYS God had given me to deal with all situations and suddenly everything got so much easier!

    I learned the weapons of warfare and how to fight back against the spiritual darkness that had overwhelmed me for so long.

    The best part? What I now know... can be taught to others easily and that's why I created this challenge!

    I wish I had known years ago what I know now! Suddenly everything is easy, everything makes sense, and I can sing, pray, worship in the presence of God and all those crippling emotions are gone!

    What's Included In This Challenge

    1 Hour of Daily Prayer, Praise, and Revelation  for 5 Days

    Life-Changing Biblical Strategies on how to get SET FREE & STAY FREE!

    Access to Private Facebook Group for Connection, and Questions...

    Meet Your Facilitator: 

    Leah Catherine

    Leah Catherine is a passionate Health Professional and Christian Singer-Songwriter-Worshipper with a heart to bring others into the presence of the Lord and into healing. She has spent many years in the wilderness being tried and tested. And she has spent many years sitting at the foot of Jesus and just drinking in the presence of God.

    Her journey "From Pain to Praise" is hard fought and hard won. From working for 10 years in Canada's poorest neighbourhood, to being in a very difficult 25 year marriage, to raising a special needs child she understands the affects of addiction on a family and the uncomfortable dissonance of loving God but being caught in a web of anger, fear, pain, sorrow and grief.

    After choosing to end her marriage and becoming devastatingly ill, she began her climb back to well-being and discovered some amazing truths about leaving pain behind and walking in the fullness of all God has for each of His children.

    Join the Challenge!

    Here's Why You Will Love This Online Challenge

    You will learn why you are stuck in emotional pain and the supernatural but simple ways God can release you from this prison.

    We all know we should be walking in joy but why aren't we? The answer may surprise you!

    Come prepared to slay this giant!

    You Will Learn Three Bondage Breaking KEYS God has given you to overcome pain, depression and despair (and how you can TAKE CONTROL and use them anytime)

    If you have felt trapped and tied up because of your past and your feelings...you will love these methods that allow you to unlock your bonds and walk in freedom!

    You Will Learn the Dirty-Little-Secret the Devil Doesn't Want You To Know (that will destroy his power over you and set you free!)

    Tired of the evil-one having so much power in your life? Understanding how he works will make it so much easier to break free!

    Every day that is Spent in PAIN ROBS You of Your FUTURE.

    Don't Waste Another Day or LOSE Another Minute!

    You Are Meant to Be Whole.

    You Are Meant to Fly in Praise and Joy!

    Join many others that are changing their lives and starting fresh.

    Join the Pain to Praise Challenge Today!

    Join the Challenge!

    Let's Hear What Others Are Saying...

    Just the thing I needed!

    " I was stuck for so long and didn't know how to get out of my pity party! I'm so excited with what I have learned and am excited to put all this knowledge and revelation to the test! Thank you Leah Catherine and thank you Jesus!"

    So Greatful! didn't know what I was missing until I took this challenge.

    " I didn't understand who I was meant to be and the absolute depths of God's love for me. I will never think about anything the same again!"

    Love How I learned How to Take Control of My thought and Prayer Life.

    " I love the fact that I no longer have to be a victim to what happened to me so long ago. I choose to make massive changes in my life and I choose to walk in victory! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! "

    I Finally understand what I need to do!

    " I learned so much, it's hard to even put into words. Even after the first day, I felt so much peace and so much joy. I can honestly say that I I am on my way to have a heart full of Praise where before it was a heart of bitterness and pain."

    Here's What You Get With This Challenge

  • 5 Days of Fellowship, instruction, Inspiration (value: $300)

  • 5 Key Life-Changing Strategies on How to Be Released From Pain (value: $497)

  • Special Challenge Facebook Page to Connect with Others (value: $100)

  • Daily Worship Songs To Lead You From Pain to Joy  (value: $50)

  • Short but Powerful Daily Personal Assignment (value: $50) 

  • Total Value of the 5 Day Pain to Praise Challenge $997! 

    Special Price Just For Today is FREE!

    This FREE offer won't last so sign up today and get ready to start your new life!

    Join the Challenge!

    The faster you deal with your pain, the faster you can begin your amazing new life!

    I Guarantee...

    ...this will set you on a healing path that will change your life and your relationship with the Lord and those around you forever!

    Yes! Set Me Free!

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